Rush & Pledge

Spring 2018 Rush FAQs

Please contact our Rush Committee Chairs, Vice President Jiatao Liang and Pledgemaster Jasmine Cisneros, if you have any questions.

Spring 2018 Rush Week schedule:

Rush Kickoff
Monday, January 22nd 7-9PM
Location: North Bixby
Food provided
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House (Trail) Mixer
Tuesday, January 23rd 7-9PM
Location: AXS House, 2627 Virginia Street
Food provided
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Capture the Flag
Wednesday, January 24th 5-7PM
Location: Memorial Glade
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Ice Cream and Game Night
Friday, January 26th 7-9PM
Location: North Bixby
Food provided
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Bids and BBQ
Sunday, January 28th
Invite Only

Frequently Asked Questions

What is rush?

Rush is the recruitment process where a fraternity finds people who might become pledges. This occurs during the first two weeks of a semester. During Rush Week, we set up a table in the College of Chemistry plaza, host several on-campus events, conduct interviews, and hand out bids at our invite-only barbeque. A bid is an invitation to pledge our fraternity.

What is pledging?

Pledging is a semester-long process where a potential member associates with our fraternity for several months before becoming a brother. Anyone with an interest in chemistry can pledge, including students in a non-chemistry related major; the only requirement is a promise to take or have taken three semesters of chemistry. The purpose of the pledge process is not only to allow members of the fraternity to learn about pledges but also to let pledges figure out whether Alpha Chi Sigma is the right organization for them.

Isn't a fraternity supposed to be for men only?

Although most fraternities for women call themselves sororities, fraternity is the more general term for a greek letter organization. We are a fraternity in the true sense of the word. All members are referred to as brothers, including our female members.

What is a professional fraternity?

A professional fraternity selects its members based on common professional goals and interests. The more common social fraternities choose their members based on similar social interests. However, professional fraternities can have just as much fun as social ones; just ask any one of our members!

Does Alpha Chi Sigma haze?

Absolutely not. As a professional fraternity, we have a zero-tolerance policy on hazing. Pledges who are uncomfortable with what is asked of them by a member of the fraternity should voice their concerns and, if necessary, report the matter to one of the fraternity officers.

Who can pledge Alpha Chi Sigma, and when is the pledging process?

Anyone who is going to take at least three chemistry or chemistry-related classes may pledge our brotherhood. This means most scientists and engineers are automatically qualified. You may pledge any time you like - this includes graduate and professional years. We usually conduct pledging in both the fall and spring semesters.

Is pledging fun?

We hope so! If you don't find it fun, you won't find being a member fun either. If, unfortunately, you view coming to fraternity meetings and events a hassle rather than a time for fun, perhaps you might reconsider joining our fraternity.

How much of a time commitment is pledging?

Expect to spend a minimum of 3-4 hours per week with your potential brothers and fellow pledges. We have mandatory pledge meetings once a week and recommended activities on some weekends. The time commitment is more than that to join most clubs, but much less than that to join a social fraternity. The time commitment for pledging is meant to be the same as for a minimally active member. If you don't have time to pledge, you wont have time to be a member. All that being said, many pledges find themselves voluntarily spending more time with Alpha Chi Sigma than required.

What will I do as a pledge?

As a pledge you will have a Big, an active member to act as mentor and help you through the pledging process. You have to learn about the fraternity's history and alchemy (yes, you will be quizzed). Mostly though, you will be having fun and learning what brotherhood is all about. The biggest events are our sleepover and Wyvern. The pledge sleepover at the fraternity house is where we eat snacks, watch movies, play sardines, and get little actual sleeping done. As for Wyvern, it is one of the most memorable and fun events for a pledge. Other pledge events include ice skating, trips to San Francisco, visits to gardens, eating out, and many more!

Do I have to live in the house?

No. However, members who wish to live in the house receive priority over non-members. They also receive a nice discount on rent--which is already very reasonable and includes room and board (food).

Can I be a member to another fraternity or sorority if I join Alpha Chi Sigma?

Yes. In fact, several of our brothers are also in social fraternities and sororities.

Is Alpha Chi Sigma only at UC Berkeley?

No. Alpha Chi Sigma has about 50 collegiate chapters throughout the country. One of the coolest parts about the fraternity is visiting another chapter or meeting brothers from a different part of the country. It can be surprising how much we all have in common.

If I am a graduate student, can I still join Alpha Chi Sigma?

Yes. We have a few active members who are graduate students. In fact, many professors are also Alpha Chi Sigma brothers, including some with Nobel prizes. Since we are a professional fraternity, we also have an active presence in industry and a number of professional chapters. Alpha Chi Sigma is not just for undergrads, it's for life.