Events & Services

A committee is a group of brothers dedicated to furthering one of the domains of our fraternity's goals. Each of our committees hosts a variety of events, with some reserved for brothers and others open to the community.

Professional Committee

Professional Chairs: Tavis Chen and Jimmy Zhong

The Professional Committee, or ProComm for short, aids brothers in achieving their professional goals. ProComm plans and hosts company recruitment events, of which past guests have included Genentech and Chevron, under the label of Covalent Connections. ProComm also hosts workshops for reviewing brothers' resum├ęs, discussing interview strategies, and polishing LinkedIn profiles. ProComm invites alumni of our organization to describe their professional experience with newer brothers.

ACS Family Science Night, Fall 2015
Grad School Panel, Fall 2015

Social Committee

Social Chairs: Eniya Krishnaraj and Jon Giller

The Social Committee's goal is to bring brothers together! The Committee puts together fun events that brothers love, such as weekend retreats, bowling trips, and exercise activities.

Painting Social, Spring 2022
Beach Social, Spring 2022

Banquet Committee

Banquet Chair: Elaine Liu

The Banquet Committee's efforts are focused on organizing a formal Banquet every May. Brothers and alumni attend the Banquet to celebrate the academic year's achievements and send off the graduating seniors.

Seniors at Banquet, Spring 2022
Banquet, Spring 2022

Outreach Committee

Outreach Chairs: Hannah Speights and Owen McDonnell

The Outreach Committee is dedicated to sharing our love of chemistry through community volunteer work. We work with various individuals and organizations that cater to a multitude of ages, as such the committee gives brothers various opportunities to share their scientific passions as educators, mentors, and friends.

The Berkeley Project, Spring 2022
Gardening at Berkeley Project, Spring 2022

Academic Committee

Academic Chairs: Deverin Smith and Rodrigo Hernandez

The Academic Committee aids brothers in achieving academic success and provides support in applying to graduate programs. The Committee hosts exam preparation sessions for courses commonly taken by brothers. The Committee also puts together workshops on academic topics vital to brothers, such as Excel or writing skills. Researching Research and Professorial Munchies are the Committee's pinnacle events: presentations of the latest research brothers are involved in, and coordinated group coffee chats with leading professors, respectively.

NMR Workshop, Fall 2015
NMR Workshop, Fall 2015

Fundraising Committee

Fundraising Chair: Emil Haedt

As a student-run organization, funding for our chapter stems largely from the university community. The Fundraising Committee's fundraising initiatives include selling stickers and food on Sproul Plaza, as well as hosting off-campus fundraisers with businesses in the community. Coordinated by the Fundraising Committee, the House also offers parking spots on Game Days.

Cal Day Tabling, Spring 2022
Sproul Fundraising, Spring 2022