What is Alpha Chi Sigma?

Alpha Chi Sigma is a professional co-ed fraternity that specializes in the field of chemistry, but our brothers come from all majors, including:
chemistry, chemical engineering, chemical biology, molecular and cell biology, integrative biology, nutritional sciences, applied mathematics, computer science, and more!


The Alpha Chi Sigma fraternity was organized at the University of Wisconsin at Madison on December 11th, 1902, by a group of undergraduates who were fellow students in chemistry at that time. They are:

Raymond Tracy Conger
Harold Everett Eggers
Joseph Gerard Holty
Alfred Emil Kundert
Joseph Howard Mathews
Edward Gustav Mattke
Bart Eldred McCormick
Frank Joseph Petura
James Chisholm Silverthorn

Now, ΑΧΣ has both collegiate and professional chapters throughout the United States with more than 69,000 members.

Sigma Chapter

The Sigma Chapter at UC Berkeley was first founded in 1913. Throughout the years, many prominent members have brought honor to the Sigma Chapter:

Joel Henry Hildebrand (Sigma 1913): Priestley Medal, 1962
Gilbert N. Lewis (Sigma 1913)
Frederick Gardner Cottrell (Sigma 1917)
Linus C. Pauling (Sigma 1940): Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 1954; Nobel Prize in Peace, 1962
Willard F. Libby (Sigma 1941): Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 1960
Darleane Hoffman (Sigma 1988): Priestley Medal, 2000

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